How soft skills increases job opportunities for students

Good soft skills are the culmination of variable qualities and intrapersonal skills one is required to have when working in the modern-day work environment. In this day and age, the world is competitive and almost every potential candidate or worker has the required technical skill set to fit into an employer’s profile. However, certain qualities and skills can give an edge to any candidate who is job hunting. These ‘soft skills’ and technical skills together make for a model employee.

Whether you are a computer whiz, an IT professional, a data scientist, marketing or sales or a master of mathematical theories. However, in order to be successful, you need more than just expertise in your given specialty. According a recently conducted survey in a reputed multinational company based out of America In which the employers and recruiters were asked to name the attributes they seek in candidates, they responded as follows:

  • 77.8% Leadership
  • 77.8% Ability to work in a team
  • 73.4% Written communication skills
  • 70.9% Problem-solving skills
  • 70.4% Strong work ethic
  • 68.0% Analytical/quantitative skills
  • 67.5% Technical skills
  • 62.2% Computer skills
  • 62.1% Flexibility/adaptability
  • 60.6% Interpersonal skills

In the present day, the everyday functionality of a successful business company depends on not only the technical aspects the employees bring to the table but also the soft skills. These skills must be instilled in everyone for a fluid work environment. In order to briefly look into how soft skills can, in fact, tip the odds in a candidate’s favor, some soft skills need to be mentioned. This list includes basic soft skills that every employer expects;

  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Work ethic
  • Leadership skills
  • Adaptability

To elaborate on a few of the above, ‘Teamwork’ is by far one of the most important and common skills employers look for. Teamwork is something that is prevalent in almost every individual and is necessary for coordination and camaraderie among office personnel. The ability to lead and inspire is a desirable trait for any institution. A good leader can help inspire others to work better, faster and with more consistency. Work ethic is another important soft skill, every employee needs to be ethical in the work environment to ensure that the business in turn is ethical. Without ethical practices, businesses are prone to loss. The ability to adapt to new work environments and ever changing business models, is a must have for any employee. The business world is not rigid, it changes a lot overtime and employees must adapt to these changes or be cast out.

New graduates typically complain that job opportunities are bleak. Employers do not, for most of the time, hire fresh graduates over lack of experience in a work environment. When hiring new personnel, old recommendations and a minimum experience in the work space gives employers a little more information about candidates. Candidates with prior work experience would know how to function in the office and through recommendations, the employers can know for certain that this individual has good people skills as well.

One might argue that if they are technically skilled enough, then the need for an employer looking at other parameters is unfair. However, being only technically skilled and not having, for example, good communication skills in any enterprise would in turn affect the work. In other words, being good at something without the ability to coordinate with other people who are present in the work environment leads to chaos and uncertainty.

Every business, sells something. Whether in fact it is good service, entertainment or food. The quality of their product is of the utmost importance but it cannot be overlooked that it is the employees that make it seem so.

The above example might be limited to the business of selling paper, but no enterprise can function without soft skills. From restaurants where the wait staff and the kitchen need to follow ethical practices in order to give out the best quality product, to even a small retail store. Customers need to feel like they can trust a face before they give their business to them.

Soft skills have been an important part of any work environment since its inception. It does not just help the work go smoother, but also ensures that everyone in that work environment is happy, content and satisfied. Every student, currently studying their respective field must also learn basic soft skills.

Eligibility: Students with 10+2 (any stream- Science, Commerce or Arts) from a recognized board are qualified to pursue this course. Minimum marks criteria may exist in the case of some institutes (around 50% marks).

  • Leadership and ability to work on a team
  • Written communication skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Analytical/quantitative skills
  • Technical skills
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Initiative
  • Computer skills
  • Flexibility/adaptability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Active listening
  • Creative problem solving
  • Relationship building

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Scope and Job opportunities in graphics and animation


Animation in simple terms is the process of creating an illusion of motion and change, where a set of static images are displayed swiftly and these images differ from each other minimally. This technique brings characters to life and makes it appear as if they are in motion. In the past, a stop motion technique was used to create sequences in animation. The subject is photographed one frame at a time and then these images are displayed in brisk succession at high frames per second.
An animator uses various techniques to create animation sequences. Some of the techniques like- 2D hand drawing, 2D Computer generated, 3D Computer generated, stop motion or model animation techniques are used. Any technique that is used depends on the specialization that one has. In the present day, computers and various software such as CGI (Computer graphic interface) are used to create works of animation in either 2D or 3D. Today the use of CGI software is seen in movies, cartoons, animated movies, advertisements, TV shows, websites, etc.

To flourish thrive in this field, one must possess the following skills and qualities:

  • Good observational skills
  • Creativity
  • Drawing/sketching skills
  • Ability to get into character
  • Communication skills
  • Eye for detail
  • Computer and Software skills
  • Teamwork skills

Animation courses in India are available in three formats, they are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Certificate coursess

Let us check out each course format and find important details about them-BACHELOR’S DEGREE COURSES

  • BA  or B.Sc in Animation & Multimedia
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Animation)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Graphics, and Web Design
  • BA in Animation and CG Arts
  • BA in Animation and Graphic Design
  • BA in Digital Filmmaking and Animation
  • B.Sc. in Animation and VFX
  • B.Sc. in Animation and Gaming


  • Diploma in 2D or 3D Animation
  • Diploma in Digital Animation
  • Diploma in CG Animation
  • Diploma in Animation and Filmmaking
  • Diploma in VFX
  • Diploma in Animation and VFX
  • Diploma in Animation, Video Editing and Post Production work

Eligibility: Students with 10+2 (any stream- Science, Commerce or Arts) from a recognized board are qualified to pursue this course. Minimum marks criteria may exist in the case of some institutes (around 50% marks).

Some of the certificate courses are:

  • Certificate in VFX
  • Certificate in 2D Animation
  • Certificate in 3D Animation
  • Certificate in Editing, Mixing and Post Production Works
  • Certificate in CG Arts

The fact about certificate courses is that they are not as detailed as Bachelors or Diploma courses. Certificate courses are for those who want to just brush up on graphic design and animation and do not like to go into detail.

Duration: The course duration could be anywhere between 3-6 months.

Eligibility: Students who have passed the 10th standard are eligible to pursue certificate courses. Students can also attend animation workshops to understand skills graphics and animation students who want to go in-depth into this course then for them there are advanced animation courses, they are M.Sc or MA in Graphic design and Animation, PG Diploma and PG Certificate courses. PG courses are used to specialize in sub-disciplines of this field. Some of the well-known areas of specialization include-

  • Visual Effects
  • Modeling
  • 3D Animation
  • Illustration
  • Texturing
  • Game Design (Computer and Mobile)
  • Graphic Design
  • Specific Software

CAREER PROSPECTS AND JOB OPPORTUNITIES Graphic design and Animation are gradually emerging as a popular career choice among Indian students. The popularity and success of CGI or animation films and cartoons have greatly contributed to the growth of this field in India. Studios, film production houses and animation companies have come forward to invest generously into this field to improve the quality of animation sequences. People in the creativity line have come to believe that animation has got huge market in India.

This has paved the way for the demand for skilled and creative animation professionals. Studios, Film production houses and animation companies are roping in fresh and young minds who are full of ideas and know that they see a future in this field. Youngsters who feel that they are qualified and skilled animators, can bring their work to life and help them earn their share of the profit are the ones who should take up this career. Creating a piece of animation not only involves drawing, sketching and bringing the characters to life using some software but there are various stages and processes involved to make it visually attractive. Film production houses and animation companies are hiring a dedicated staff of animators and graphic designers because they know the importance and demand of this field. One may take on any of the following job profiles based on the stages involved in this process, the profiles include:

  • Director
  • Production Designer
  • Scriptwriter
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Layout Artist
  • Digital Painter
  • Animator
  • Modeler
  • Compositor
  • Editor

There is specialization available in the above-mentioned areas of work. Animators and graphic designers can work under big banners, become an entrepreneur or work as a freelancer. Some of the well-known recruiters include-

  • Animation Studios
  • Media Agencies
  • Film Production Houses
  • Post Production Houses
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Web Entities (E-Commerce sites, E-Magazines, Websites etc)
  • Computer and Mobile Game Developers


Starting salary depends on a number of different factors. Some of the prominent factors are- brand name, skill-set, aptitude, grades and certification achieved by the job applicant. The general starting salary is around 10-20k Rupees per month. The payscale varies depending upon how high profile animation studios and media houses are.


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It is said that the choices we make in life define who we are. Whether we are choosing and contemplating between having coffee or tea or making life-changing decisions, our choices could be the mast that flies high on the ship. How we steer clear and find the right tools to guide ourselves on the road of life is what we must understand. The question we need to ask ourselves is how much do we expect from the life that is been bestowed upon us. If we have learnt to compromise on every walk of life then we have made very little and mediocre choices in life. If we are the sort who get up and want to fight our way through the thickets of life then we make tough choices to sustain ourselves. But then there lies the third element as well. Those people who look at life in the eye and dare to become a visionary,  choices simply fall at their feet like fallen leaves.

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How right attitude brings right result.


Have you ever wondered how we easily succumb to the daily grind of life? The “Grin and bear it” approach that we actively or passively possess has sort of entered our system like an uninvited guest. Each day, every day we want to get up and welcome the new day with open arms. The feeling dies even before it starts to sink in. How did we ever get into this disarrayed way of living? Were we conditioned this way or we got too bored of life over a period of time?

Before we feel that we have come to the point of no return, we must understand how we ended up here in the first place and what is it that is going to pull us out of our self-made quicksand-like situations.

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Aspire now offers Digital Marketing Courses


The boom of the Internet has created one of the most in-demand courses among students and working professionals in India. Yes, we are referring to Digital Marketing. As more and more businesses are trying to promote their brands through digital media, there is a growing need for well trained digital marketing professionals.

Since Bangalore is the IT hub of India, there is a huge demand for well trained IT professionals. Since it is home to many startups, there is a huge demand for well trained Digital marketers. Aspire is introducing Advanced Digital marketing courses in Ballari and other areas in Karnataka with amazing job opportunities. 

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