Career Guidance & Counseling


Choosing a career can be easily defined as the biggest decision that one takes at a very young age. It’s never easy to decide what one wants to do with their lives, especially when they are not mature enough to think ahead and take an informed decision. It is essential that youngsters be informed about all the options and choices they have, so that when they choose a career, they won’t have to regret their choice.

In current times, career guidance is a need as most students pick commonly known domains as their career option. Career counselling is an effort for students’ career guidance right from their school about the available career options as per their interest and stream of academics.

Career Guidance and Counselling helps a student understand and finding their right career option. As some students know and have a clear understanding of their career paths, like that some are utterly confuse with what to choose. Career counsellor will help those students through various aptitude tests to find their potential and guide them through right courses to receive their goal in life.

Benefits of Career Guidance and Counseling

  • Provides clear picture about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Encourages you to set goals
  • Helps you to explore various career options
  • Gives you clarity about opportunities available
  • Helps you in self-branding

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