Digital Marketing Essentials


Digital or Online Marketing is a marketplace where brand success stories are made. Businesses that are not online are missing one of the core points – presence and of course revenue. Going Digital is no longer a requirement but a necessity. A simple example would be – How do we feel when we search with our name in Google and see our social media/profile page showing up. In terms of business the feeling is like 3 times more – 1) Show up in Search Engine and other platforms, 2)Prospective clients enquiring or showing interest in our products and then 3)Selling our products and generate revenue. The whole online platform works like a full-time team or rather a virtual team ensuring our business success.



Who can attend? 

  • Established or Future Business people
  • Fresher or Jobseekers
  • Professionals looking to upgrade their skillsets.
  • Corporates
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Entrepreneurs of any niche
  • Freelancers looking to work in their spare time


The benefits from this program are

  • Digital Marketing and different platforms
  • Grow a Business Offline vs. Online
  • Top Online Lead Generation platforms
  • Introducing Social Media for Business
  • How Can Search Engine Rankings help?
  • What is the ROI in Paid Marketing tools?
  • Learn to analyze your Competitors
  • How to make money from your website?
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