Personal Money Management

Personal Money Management

This program will give you the correct directions to plan and grow your money. You will learn all about why, where and when you should use insurance for your benefit and for the family. What kind of instruments you need to invest and save tax, and all about investments.

Who can attend?

This program is for anybody aspiring to reduce their financial stress. It will be an eye-opener for employees,  self-employed and for people who are mature now and thinking of aligning and getting a direction for their personal finances.

The benefits from this program are

This programme gives a complete understanding of all that an individual earning person requires in terms of Insurance, tax planning, setting personal financial goals and an introduction to equity and equity-related products relevant to your financial life. The understanding of equity is of paramount importance today, as this is one of the proven asset classes and can deliver big in the long run, and there are lots of misconceptions about it.

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