Personal Finance Management


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This workshop will give you the required financial understanding to give you directions to plan and grow your money. You will learn all about why, where and when you should use insurance for your benefit and for the family. What kind of instruments you need to invest when you want to save tax, and also grow your money.


The Program covers the following

  • Tax planning
  • Setting personal financial goals
  • Introduction to Equity and Financial products
  • Understand terms of insurance
  • Education funding and retirement plans

Key takeaways from this program are understand

  • Equity like never before? Is it dangerous? Why people lose money in equity?
  • Mistakes we make in buying life Insurance, its relevance and importance.
  • If fixed deposits the only safe instruments to invest in? Is it better than liquid funds?
  • How to save for children higher education and why it is very important?
  • Steps to be taken by a family, before getting into investments.
  • Goal based planning and its importance.
  • What are mutual funds? What are the benefits and how is it managed?
  • Importance of retirement planning, how to make a start, why it is required, what will happen if not done early?

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