How right attitude brings right result.


Have you ever wondered how we easily succumb to the daily grind of life? The “Grin and bear it” approach that we actively or passively possess has sort of entered our system like an uninvited guest. Each day, every day we want to get up and welcome the new day with open arms. The feeling dies even before it starts to sink in. How did we ever get into this disarrayed way of living? Were we conditioned this way or we got too bored of life over a period of time?

Before we feel that we have come to the point of no return, we must understand how we ended up here in the first place and what is it that is going to pull us out of our self-made quicksand-like situations.

Hold your fort for it is never too late to find pieces of the missing puzzle. It might look like that one block which you got to take off from the Jenga tower and the game is yours!! Trust me, it is much easier than that. A little perseverance and synchronicity with your many facets of life and you are there….


Let us go back in time and assess our behavior from the beginning. How did we react to certain situations in life, how did we accept a certain kind of change or how did we confront or react to some dismaying news. Has there been a change in the behavior or in your attitude or does your mind still unsettle itself whenever faced by some situations? If you feel there has been very little or no change at all then you need to retrace your steps back and rewire your attitude. Remember when you are unsettled then you are unsettling your immediate environment. You may not realize it until someone tells it you upfront. You know your negative attitude has not brought the desired results you were expecting nor has it gotten you any sort of appreciation. I think we all ought to accept that negative attitude towards life and its dynamics has never fetched any living being any good. Nobody has ever lived to tell the tale about how they have become maximizers and achievers by having a pessimistic and unfavorable attitude. So what is that one core ingredient that can set things into motion? The way you always wanted it but could never apply it due to xyz reasons.

The core ingredient is to ‘detach from your ego’. The self-proclaimed anti-hero of our life who refuses to leave our side. Ego is not a bad thing, after all, it’s the way we have deconstructed and forged it to suit our whims and fancies. The deformities you have caused in your life because of the absenteeism of a positive attitude has indeed done the damage. But it is also too early to say “that ship has already sailed and it is a point of no return”.

The fact of the matter is that we had turned a blind eye for so long and we also had the audacity to back our stance on our wrong attitude. Therefore it is time to embrace the positivity in life. There are 15 things that you need to start right away for yourself:

Focus on only what you can control

Just “Be you” don’t copy or imitate others

Be open about how you feel

Claim ownership and accountability for your doings

Take breaks every now and then

Spend time with energetic, zealous and right kind of people

Learn forgiveness

Stop playing the “Blame game”

Stay in the now. Live in the present

Trust your gut and intuition

Prioritize yourself and your happiness

Take the leap of faith

Feel blessed and appreciate what you have

Compete with only yourself

Aim for “Good enough”, perfection means the end of learning

I have told these 15 things to myself and to others one time too many and yet when I write it down once more, it seems to flush down all the negative vibes all over again. It cleanses one’s mind and body. This mantra is tried and tested and has worked wonders for many who have applied it in their lives aptly. In a nutshell, living life of fulfillment, being emotionally intelligent and managing your shortcomings is another way of saying that the right attitude undoubtedly brings the right kind of result.





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